this is work in progress or homilies or miscellaneous items

that don’t warrant a page by themselves

or seem to fit better here

pending poems  index

chronological order is from the bottom to the top of  the page

audio files can be complemented by listening to them with the eyes closed

be objective

and not a servant to blind ideas

about benefit


that even objectivity



specious rationalization

untempered by experience

can be a disaster

in this world

of the blind leading the blind

don’t be lead

or lead

so many here are like you

lost in a world of fiction

they can’t tell fantasy from reality

choking to death like caught fish

and won’t be unhooked and returned to the water

i’m not accountable to the fan fiction writers who penned the nonsense of zen, daoist and buddhist stories

you can pretend there’s a great hidden depth to what are clearly fictional memes

its not even good writing

a story can be an authentic story in the sense it belongs to an historical collection, but that doesn’t make it a real event that occurred historically

so many of these stories are "memeic" retellings of hackneyed buddhist, daoist and zen themes

priests giving an exegesis on "scripture" is as old as religion

there’s all sort of questions, was the supposed "master" historical or is the collection pseudepigraphical, what is the state of the source documents etc, how many transcriptions occurred, how limited are the translations by philological aspects and so on

you can’t see what i am saying because you lack literary sophistication

"woke" in the australasian context is a belief in the inherent primacy of indigenous cultures over the colonizing culture, mixed with a bit of marxism, post-modernism, fan fiction and let’s face it, plain graft

however its just a belief, in fact cultures are cultures, you don’t have to weigh one against another, they are all a bit of a mixed bag, each has strengths and weaknesses, so i take a "utilitarian approach"

what offers the most utility in today’s context ?

one anti-utilitarian aspect of "woke" is its fixation on the supposed higher value of indigenous languages which works to the mixed culture’s disadvantage burdening people with the neurologically costly facility of two languages, sense is sense, what does the language matter, so go for what facilitates communication best without the hidden costs of multi-lingualism

maybe woke is an overreaction to the devaluation of the indigenous culture or at least plays on that since one of its hallmarks is "insincerity", but actually in some instances there was never a devaluation of the indigenous culture, i think that is the case with new zealand which has always incorporated a lot of maori ways of looking at things in the general attitudinal mix, if you travel overseas you can see this

unnecessary bilingualism is culturally divisive and creates structural rifts and the phoniness of "woke-speak" bends the mind with its 1984 overtones



by their nature are endless

what is endless

yet final ?

one who is neither in or out

yet not of

the natural distance of emotional time

is not there

yet all is

a dream world

strange yet amazing

something new

around each corner

the comfort

of marvels


what ?

there is no answer

because there is no question

question and answer

answer and question

are themselves


other worlds are many

its their relation to us

that is hard to discern

why international politics is so fraught is it takes disasters to change people’s minds

so you just have an endless succession of disasters and then, what it takes to remedy them while yet another slips around the corner to appear

existence always outmatches our ideas about it

stories upon stories

the lost believing


their belief

makes them lost

ed.  woke and its siblings are the new beliefs


piled on more words

the flakes excoriate

their own stupidity





“ Back in 2021 April, I smoked weed for the second or third time and then my double vision came back ”

my own view is eye health is so fundamental to our well being that the bar for risk is very low

cannabis has massive short term effects on the eye vasculature and also has long term neural sequalae, i would think there’s some risk there

smoking of course means you are inhaling carbon monoxide

user’s portray it as harmless, this is the usual toxicity of people trying to decoy others into the same trauma as they suffer

my main observation of heavy pot users is it makes them stupid

i have noticed that anything relating to groups of people and drug use can get very unstable

the borderlands of necessity

are the foothills of plenitude

one of which

we ever are

and the other

never are

the big "whys"

are any why

to move a step beyond

where we are

while the wizard of oz was a fraud

the witches were real

did anybody notice that ?

knitting words together like they mean something







“ out of sight, out of mind ”

a little conundrum

what is it out of ?

beyond beyond

that sort of nowhere

we are used to

beyond beyond

that sort of nowhere

i am used to

the pennies that drop


over my lifetime

the pennies that drop


over me

the penny that drops


over my lifetime

the slow penny

that drops

over a lifetime

if the nature of something

is you can’t figure it out

that is its nature

you can’t figure it out

fanny cornforth  in her prime, in later years  sent to a poorhouse  with dementia

a biography

the real endless

i cease to write about



the  marquise de sade  has emerged as a significant french literary figure, but i remember at school his only being mentioned of interest because of being held in the bastille on the eve of the french revolution

when i look at  this scroll he wrote  (the 120 days of sodom) ,  the writing is tiny and continuous without mistakes, an unbelievably savant feat

the scroll is 157,000 words long written over thirty-seven evenings in the unsavoury conditions of a cell in the bastille

interestingly napoleon, this man who killed so many in often gruesome circumstances was so offended by the book "juliette" sent to him by the marquis that he had him imprisoned

does the soul have floorboards ?

we lift them

to find


what exists

and what doesn’t exist

a conundrum

we hardly ever consider


our lives


back and forth


words can be broken

in more ways than one





vladimir putin is a very strange thing

a time capsule or pandora’s box from soviet russia that has got opened releasing the plagues

xi jinping was only born a year later and he is reigniting a long forgotten war with chiang kai-shek

the past resurrecting in the future

the dream of red mansions


“ What is something really dangerous that most people don’t realise ? ”


insulin resistance is what kills you

christianity follows the usual cult tricks

a reasonable look  at social boundaries  to open you up

followed by some insane narcissism

christianity was born in a highly sectarian culture and with its crossing of those boundaries it became suitable as a religion of empire

there is a view that christianity is a deliberate construction to suit the roman empire which has some truth, interestingly its more true of islam which is a designed empire builder

the original tall poppy

julius caesar

cut down

by the envious


supermarios bros

there’s a whole cultural iconography i am not very familiar with

food for today’s adhd generations

actually the plot and visual richness of the film, will be able to be "ported" into the games eventually through artificial intelligence, so the film meets a need created by a certain sparseness in the game limited by the inadequacies of today’s game creating software

we search for a path

it dissolves on looking

where did we tread

we don’t know

all these road rage attacks must be the tip of a domestic violence iceberg

i would take alexander dugin’s  missive  as a sign of increasing political instability in russia, stress cracks showing that something has to give

the basic problem is the russian and ukrainian casualty rates, its not WW2 where entire generations of young men were obliterated

something’s starting to happen

alexander dugin’s mad rambling cost him his daughter’s life

i wonder if he will ever make that connection ?

if our lives




in the hands

of the angel of death

there would

seem to be more

than the fading

that will


roy lichtechestein pulled of one of the great art heists of the twentieth century, plundering comics for what are clear copyright violations and flagrant plagiarization

you can tell the way he has redrawn  the pictures  that he was shamelessly aware of what he was doing

he must have thought he had found el dorado, an endless source of money making material

the comic artists themselves earned a pittance and the original art is much better imo


is a disease

a leprosy of the mind

still they line up to catch it

go figure



one size

doesn’t fit all



like it

this idea

that something composed  of discrete parts  that can’t be escaped from

in fact can be terminated and hence

escaped from

things tend to dysfunction

from function

edges intrude and the true nature

of not seeing


the full moon

and a few nights either side

the day doesn’t die

but resurrects


a taste of eternity

i don’t have the energy for

and can do without

that single eye

in a clear sky

seeing all and no doubt

more than it wants

the religiously accredited

holy, saintly, enlightened, master, disciple

are like

paper cutouts


that is what the accreditation



a seal opened

something new

invites the next

to be opened

and so on

the power of abstraction

is bedevilled

by its inability

to map predictably


the specific

that’s not to say

it doesn’t map

it does

this side

that side

there is a stone bridge

the cobbles


on entering the asylum

you begin to doubt your sanity


you have cause to doubt



you can’t read and reply to what is being said to you, what can i do ?

ed.  the web is full of these types, totally unable to handle feedback on the unending lunatic projections they make

i was never a fan of picasso, but have grown to understand him better recently, especially because i learnt he was also an artistic prodigy as a child so there is some deep talent there

in this painting  you can see a sort of impenetrable solipsistic isolation in the women’s faces, yet their sameness

the question is open

you can’t close the question with an answer

artistic voyeurs

until they engage

they remain


we are now in a cold war with china

i quite like stephen kotkin’s view that  this is necessary  and very much preferable to being in a "hot war"

actually the russo-ukraine war, while not nominally involved with nato is edging very close to a hot war ?

hopefully the situation with china will remain more distanced and ambiguous, perhaps the newly coined phrase "hybrid war" does cover the present situation adequately ?

a lot of religion is "philosophy by idiots", see where you fit in that

the pathetic blinkered too lazy to do any wide-ranging reading

a way of looking at north korea is its the world’s last functioning true monarchy

three lines

nineteen words

no sense

in any



ed.  i’m not going to bother to quote what this is referring to

the fake



by repeating

the nonsense

of others

that’s how you know they are fake

they can’t tell the difference

to the extent

they trash knowledge

some of these redditors have a terrible writing style and are patronising with no intellectual depth !

they don’t listen, write nonsense and their thinking is entrained by defensiveness

short of sleep

the world


from its wholeness

incompetence reigns


this may be

a truer

state of affairs

what is a woman ?

a grey area that is also black and white

ed.  what chris hipkins never said

quite a good  commentary  by sean plunket

its interesting that this whole woke thing has its origins in the french post-modernist intellectual movement that then somehow got enmeshed in the universities


wanting to move

from vertical to horizontal

tired of waiting

ensured it

the trees and flowers wept

but conceded

in difficulty

anything is possible

the "killing" of vladlen tatarsky is not a murder, but a justified wartime offensive action

first video  down the page , real trojan horse stuff, you can see he is pleased with the bust he was given !

ideologues and propagandists unfairly escape the risk of war and even if whatever war is lost, usually escape with a light punishment, martin heidegger being an egregious example, their significance is way underrated

what is the difference between a  pergola , pergoda and pagoda ?

a question that never occurred to me over a lifetime

the answer

another view

clarity comes and goes

it begins with opaque





once you understand how easily humans can kill each other and our genetically programmed alertness to this, a lot of contact sports suddenly make sense

boxing  for instance and MMA


blind to being objective

mess you


avoiding joint injuries is a real issue with weightlifting

once a joint gets injured it loses its true functional modality setting you up for arthritis later in life

in addition as one gets older joints wear out through excessive or stressful use

the body is not really designed for repetitive action

asked to describe

one is quiet

there is no description

solipsism holds all the answers

picking and choosing occurs




a square moon

would not





magical symbols






that laughable











magical symbols






that laughable









white road ,  anglesea, painted by clarice beckett

another one ,  two figures in red walking towards one another, people used to walk a lot and phone lines were everywhere, one of the major technologies of the day

the turtle nosed snake

indwelling in all of us

the south mountain yawns

its seen it all before

what i devote myself to

seems to elude me


if i devote myself

to what eludes me

before i start

i am eluded

its the ukraine’s decommissioning of its nuclear weapons after the breakup of the soviet union that made it vulnerable to invasion by russia, we are living with a concrete example of unilateral disarmament

new zealand may think its "out of the blow", but historically china has picked off islands first

had the chinese succeeded in their attempted invasion of java in 1292, the history of australia and new zealand would have likely been one of the chinese colonialism

fortunately, the javanese were too wily for them

its not difficult to imagine a non nuclear australia and new zealand being threatened by a china now in control of taiwan moving in first on new zealand then forcing surrender by australia with the nuclear threat from china without risk of retaliation

i think people have trouble understanding china is a millennium old empire constantly at war with neighbours and the 19th and twentieth centuries when it was weak and torn apart by warlords is historically anomalous, for long long periods it has been the greatest empire in the world, at one stage they were even able to ship a giraffe back from africa

the depth of  cyber warfare ,  disinformation and surveillance with state actors who unlike criminals can perform and execute effectively is just staggering

the web can take you into spaces that previously you could not have conceived of

maria mayer, a russian spy living in solvenia  recently arrested  had an online gallery to cover her movements around the EC

you can still  see it  on instagram, she had appalling taste !

to understand bitcoin, compare it to the art market which is basically about establishing provenance for unique objects, that is they are unforgeable with aesthetic value a secondary consideration

where you have an unforgeable object with a limited supply then it has value  (think gold)  and in addition with bitcoin you have the ability for rapid and consistent electronic transfer

why nft’s didn’t work is there was an unlimited supply

of course the weakness of bitcoin is competing coins that work better, but until they turn up bitcoin will remain dominant

the weirdness of russia

the way it preferentially kills its own

in comparison to any enemy

the weirdness of russia

the way it preferentially kills its own

compared to an enemy

all these australians

they have no idea of what is happening in alice springs

its a re-assertion of tribal law and life

not compatible with modern living

these people with a romanticised view of pre-european life

well it was violent and murderous

thomas hobbes had his point

in today’s dissembling toolbox

the claim of being an intrinsic victim necessitating a self-defined remedy

apologies that mean "i don’t apologise"

a marxist level of self-importance and "rightness"

entitlement so high it floats away like a weather balloon

superficial knowledge that even one google search would evaporate

intellectual laziness, malign self-entitled stupidity, distain for a reading age any higher than pre-school

well such is a list and i think the problems simply change generation to generation unlike the proverbial leopard

a monk asked zhaozhou   :   you knew nanquan personally ?

he replied   :   and the rest

ed.  i think the monk is trying imply that nanquan gave zhaozhou some special teaching, but he retorts that it was much more broad based than that i.e. nanquan was helpful but it was really zhaozhou’s diligence and own work that gave him his facility

how pathetic

the scriptural exegetists

commenting on rot

they add more rot

and think this is living

an aphorism

a connectivity with something deeper

that is not explicable


the aphorism

is explicable

the wall of being

is not a wall

we just look at it

inside out

what goes where ?

where to who ?

too-wit  too  —  woo

the female mind

a twisted mess of shards

that cut all who come

into contact with it

the female mind

a twisted mass of shards

that cut all who come

into contact with it

a false question

gives a correct answer


and not rectifying

is the essence

one thing i have learnt

"too much autism under one roof"

is to be avoided

the 3 volt lithium coin battery (CR2032) for the BIOS values on my motherboard checked out ok for the open circuit voltage in situ and out of the holder, but i was losing the bios information on powering the computer down

however when i put a green led across the battery the voltage dropped down to about 2 volts (30mA, way over spec but apparently they can handle it), but on good batteries the voltage only dropped to about 2.68 volts, so the open circuit voltage can be deceiving and you need a load like a LED to see the true state of affairs

you can also use blue or white leds but the voltages will likely a be a bit higher, and they have the advantage of the current draw being less, but the green led was fine

be careful with disposing of coin batteries, they are harmful if swallowed and young children doing this is a known problem

the world never projects the way we think it will

see the grandparents

comprehend the grandchildren

four suits

different cards showing

if you love your country you must love its kin, why then are you killing ukrainians and kowtowing to the chinese ?

this is the giant discontinuity that will bring down putin

enlightenment and buddha are fictions

god and jesus are fictions

muhammad and gabriel are fictions

the above is not a fiction

fictional worlds have inconsistences

it never occurs to us

that the real world



words in sequence

and out of sequence

crack the veneer



too full of knowledge

judgment gets squeezed out

an interesting  page  on the nutritional differences between lamb and beef

lamb tends to make me migrainey but helps with sleep, i don’t know why

the only "herbs" i use are chilli peppers and grated ginger together in cooking because they in combination are anti-cancer

i haven’t taken probiotics for years but when i did, it was single species like Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG

acidophilus only yogurts i also liked

i find cooked shredded coconut the only useful prebiotic, if a bit migrainey

you can see the russian trolls/astroturfers at work in the comments on  russia today ,  they "love putin" and are very happy to be in a "protected occupation" and not in bakhmut

they clearly don’t believe a word they write

i guess "astroturfing" and its AI implementation will be a major fixture on the web, with its tentacles totally pervasive

“ listen.  so i was just sitting on the couch when i suddenly realized that someone in r|zen appears to have been writing comments that where probably chinese characters in english.  like you are writing in english, but as if you were thinking in chinese and then making a direct translation of chinese characters into english words

so if someone was to translate those words you wrote from english into chinese, they would come out in some form of chinese as if they were actually spoken originally in chinese, and not in english

i didn’t know who it was, so i searched posts until i found one and it was you ”

my  reply

well i have read a lot of chinese poetry  (in translation of course as i can't read any chinese)  and they do think a bit different, more semantically dense and minimally grammatic than english and basically targeted at an intelligent literate audience which was the administrative class, the same class that supported ch’an

its interesting to compare chinese poems with ryōkan who was writing for a general audience, often farmers and tonally, they are quite different

you have made a very interesting comment thanks

the cornea is the most nerve dense organ in the body, interfere with it at your peril !

we are so dependent on our eyes for our quality of life that any problems considerably degrade that

glittering seas

sonorous mountain tops

verdant valleys and trinkling streams

they do not last

because we do not last

the problem with post modernism and its critique on power  (of itself not wrong)  is that they take it a step further and apply a utopian value system and attempt to create a uniform distribution that historically has never worked, the constant of power in reality always being confined to small groups who try to maintain it with varying degrees of ferocity

"woke" is an example of this postmodernist theory, fortunately so flawed in its inconsistencies and the general level of retardation in its adherents that it is not a serious threat to the existing social order in the way bolshevism was though there is an undercurrent of marxism





a solution  (of the equations of string theory)  is an approximation to a quantum state which is what  really describes  the universe

the mind is a prediction machine, its constantly involved in this sort of activity just to keep a formed world about you

faux religious ideas based on some sort of zero mental activity state like "the cessation of suffering", god’s peace, nirvana are just the usual craziness

even sleep is highly active with drastic functional shifts in the brain

not a nigerian princeling or general’s daughter with problems hiding what is rightfully theirs from an unjust world, but  the real thing

Nazi Party = NAtional soZIalist German Workers’ Party; and its level of stupidity can be gauged by its forcing half the team who worked on the theory enabling the development of the atomic bomb to flee germany because they were jewish and one of those (otto  frisch) ended up instrumental in the manhatten project along with many other émigrés who no doubt advanced the timetable by years

interestingly german scientists were very lukewarm on the prospects of an atomic bomb in WW2, fortunately for the allies as the japanese were surprisingly advanced in the development of a bomb and a well funded combined effort may have seen them producing such a weapon about the same time as the americans

another effect of the "diaspora" from germany and europe was the rise of hollywood with the incredible influx of entertainment talent

anybody reading about the last weeks in the berlin bunker can only come away thinking what a bunch of insane stupids !

interestingly hitler was deliberately childless and yet indirectly killed more than almost any-one else ever

endless the monks

asserting themselves against the master

who tells them

neither truth

nor falsity

failing to understand

they waste their time

the zen koan

"there are no teachers of zen"


it turns out

there is no zen either

women’s make-up has always been a black hole  of toxicity  and lack of regulation

the problem with eihei dogen, is not eihei himself but his elevation into a "cult god" by the soto zen sect and his writings are literally scripture than cannot be questioned by the faithful

when you can’t ask, "what if he’s wrong", then there is a problem

its a very christian paradigm actually and the worst is the monotonous bores who drone on and on with some wacked out "interpretations" of his more voynichated writings

unlike a lot of zen

ryōkan was real person

and those poems he wrote he actually wrote

and the places he wrote about

were real places

actually he was a poet, zen is their own claim

so its not surprising he was real

ed.  there is a better than usual  translation  of ryōkan by john stevens called "dewdrops on a lotus leaf" ,  a lot of what is out there is stupid soppy designed to indoctrinate


weave apart


and come together again

a succession of moments of truth

only to fragment

into the nothingness

of the unbenign





the insane tell themselves

and you

neither fantasy or reality

outside the boundaries

they have

a surprising salience


the insane tell themselves

neither fantasy or reality

outside the boundaries

they have

a surprising salience


the solving of problems

a vast meta in itself

yet how to


 the solved ?

looking at the strange characters of urdu


yet to another will speak a clear understanding

so is life and we to each other

borderline personality disorder is a no exit street, fail to learn how to recognize it at your peril !

these gaslighting manipulators bring disaster to all around them

women are not like men, they can’t reason their way into "love".  either they love you or they don’t !


some realm of somewhere

other than here

the brain



rolling along

a railway track




the impaired




polynomial  time = nondeterministic polynomial time

problems that can be solved

and problems that can’t be solved

but for which

solutions can be verified

the solution of the solving

has yet to be verified

who would have thought rupert murdoch would be such a vigorous old fool ?

four and now five wives

and he still doesn’t understand women

wealth being honey to flies

how we are born

what we are born into

the dice of existence

rolled for the first time




with this


as we know it




an executor’s


or burns

like an


i think emily bronte picked up TB at the "clergy daughter’s school" at cowan bridge as she felt her health was never the same after being there, it can remain latent for decades

the harm that boarding school did to the brontë family was beyond tragic, a deep colour that pervaded all that was to follow

i agree with  this video ,  she was autistic

i am sure the sisters together had an accelerated artistic development through their mutual interaction, hence the very high quality of their writings so young


helps isolate ourselves


the common herd


their idiocy

the beauty of memory

can flower

in ourselves

“ people, i can’t stand them ”

what about yourself ?

“ i’m not a person ”

politicians and diplomats wouldn’t last a minute if they said what they really thought

the way of the world

putin is selling out russia to china and killing his own ethnic kin, its really bizarre

the universality of aphorisms and poetry

there’s nothing that cannot be expressed

only an endlessness of the yet to be discovered

is and is not



now i’m gone

all those people who hated me

would have razed the earth to get rid of me

they have gone too

the flame of hatred burns

scarring memory


water off a ducks back for some

sometimes i feel

like a man who cannot eat

without inadvertently breaking the tableware


they do it to themselves

all things

all topics






to nothing

catherine of siena is interesting, destroys any conventional notions about a person being a saint for sure

damien hirst’s "treasures from the wreck of the unbelievable" is such a hackneyed theme, damien you lack your own imagination, but of course your art has always shown that

how can god be both infinite and perfect ?

clearly infinitude must of necessity include "imperfection"

or there’s something the "infinite god" is not

actually for the notion of god to be sensible ontologically, there must be that which he/she/it is not

therefore there is something outside of god

oh dear, back to the beginning

dull grey men

in their shiny uniforms


blazen in gold



a disconnect

what i understand

what you understand

no bridge

just chasm

hilarious, lunch in the  middle of the moroccan western sahara  by the only tree as far as the eye can see

cool  drone footage ,  the drone must be able to track the control unit

“ Does anyone else have a poor sense of reality ? ”

relax, reality has a poor sense of itself

an old book

pressed between its pages

that open to dried flowers



once there

but only the memory is left

topical 40% hydrogen peroxide works wonders on acne, just be careful with it

the flaw of "the purge" is any small group of people could set an entire city alight in a day without the active restraint of the police

downvotes are a decoy to pacify that 10% of any message board population who would not rest from badgering the mods until your post is removed because it puts their noses out of joint

another way of looking at them is they are in effect upvotes because of the way you have written your comment/OP means it has been compelled to be read, yet they can’t think of any good argument against it so they are scared to actually reply for fear of looking a fool  (quite a justified fear of course given the usual literacy and intelligence levels of these people)



on the net

their lives

and poor judgment on display






those "seekers"

the spawn of hell

looking for what they cannot find

because they are looking

you’re a seeker ?

the babies

feathers ruffled by contradiction

of their inanities

the mask falls away

revealing dull stupids

intent on

remaining that way

1200 years ago nanquan told a monk

“ i can’t explain ”

1200 years later

the idiots still pour forth

their explanations

quantum computing is not what you think it is, rather its a mode of thought familiar to us all, a back and forth, to and froing of an assessment of the odds

scott aaronson  explains

"theories of everything"

like perpetual motion machines


fool’s gold

the nature of a message board thread is not that each comment made drops the sense of what has come before, but that the sense accumulates, so many act like what they have said before is disconnected from what they say now !

stupid hypocrites !

claiming while disclaiming




this is a standard religious trick, its done all the time, i'm not enlightened/holy but i'm really enlightened/holy

no shame, no pain

why not "unpack" the way you use "enlightenment" ?

does it mean anything at all , or is it the usual religious mirage ?

he/she is enlightened ? holy, saintly, one of god’s chosen ?

a bodhisattva ?

the endless list of bullshit

meditating or not, mirrors are still chased to futility !

large is large

but not so large

as very large

which is but a drop

compared to

the largest

life has a code

that is only decoded

through experience




to be

of tangential


to us

well, an explanation of what a  monte-carlo  simulation is i can understand

i’m feeling quite impressed with myself, i have wanted to know what it means for thirty years, basically its a random dynamic abstraction/simplification of computationally impossible/undesirably large data sets

some people can explain clearly, most can’t

how chatGPT works , you can see it has limitations in terms of semantic sophistication

the opposite of a fact is a fiction and the fiction can be more profoundly true than the fact

anybody interested ? no problem if you’re not and don’t mind a deep held festering resentment lasting the remainder of a lifetime

the way

has no friends

one illusion cannot support another

zen and buddhism portray themselves as not religions, but they are cults like all religions

the first step to handling any religion, eastern or western is to understand they have millennia of "brain washing" technology behind them, once you start to see that and no longer take the glib surface appearance as real, you begin to escape

even a recent religion like scientology is like this, they just "borrow" the techniques and actually scientology is somewhat "overdense" with these "borrowings"

like all scams, you have to watch out for yourself

if the research/study doesn’t make sense just put it aside and come back to it in several days, and you only need to pick the essentials of what you want to know

everything is impossible until its done

everything is possible until its done

the basic principle of the  specific carbohydrate diet  seems not to be well understood

so there’s food that is digested and absorbed quickly or at least reasonably quick, since its gone ,  bacteria and yeast can’t eat it

but very slow digesting food, especially some carbohydrates and similar, hang around in the gut to feed bad bacteria

it goes right back to the ancient greek olympics to bring athletes to peak condition, but today is used for children and adults with UC, IBD and other digestive and inflammatory gut difficulties, the diet was developed by dr. sidney haas and elaine gottschall

i have my own  updated version  of the diet, the biofilm carbohydrate diet

words usually have more than one meaning or often shade into other meanings depending on context, its not one meaning to the exclusion of others, this actually is the basis of poetry

retirement homes

horses for courses


graves for the living dead ?

there is a basic problem with trans hormone therapy (male to female) and its that although the brain may be to varying degrees female, the body in all its aspects is developmentally quite male and HRT disrupts this and the result therefore will necessarily be decoherent

also philosophically imo there are no answers in gender identity, no-one is purely female or male

university medical schools are rarely up with the latest research and often 10 to 20 years behind, reading the research yourself is tremendously empowering, one of the wonders of google

often it pays to read it several times over a week or more to let the sense fall into place, you don’t have to understand everything a study says, just the essentials as it affects you

claims of enlightenment

the bottom dropping out of the black lacquer bucket

only to fall

into another bucket

opening and falling is the only escape

because the bottom closes up again

this hard truth

the "spiritual" ignore


in their one understanding

the uncountable infinities

pass them by

i think people expect too much from doctors, they don’t have perfect knowledge by any means and there is even a special word for medical mistakes called "iatrogenic"

in a sense they are tradesmen, and actually historically that was the social status they had, not the religious veneration they are held in today

the problem with any country reducing carbon is that unless all countries do it, its just the usual case of the "tragedy of the commons".  like china is apparently still building coal power stations at a record rate

you can’t have war and get carbon reduction !

the whole ukraine problem was created by the west when they decommissioned its nuclear armament inherited from the soviets and so it lost its best defence against russia, it is only the doctrine of "mutually assured destruction" (MAD) that will create a stable enough world for carbon reduction to be done in a way that avoids "the tragedy of the commons"

in particular nuclear power stations are really the answer from a lot of viewpoints, but they are incredibly vulnerable to missile attack, without a nuclear weapon enforced peace, a lot of countries are going to be be hesitant to make themselves so exposed

new zealand just got indirectly gifted the most valuable financial benefit it will ever get, the half a trillion dollars of australia’s AUKUS nuclear submarine commitment

australia has not been lulled into a doctrine of appeasement

hardly a word in new zealand media of course

this new crazy world we live in

death from above ,  a finnish crowd funded game simulating drone warfare in the ukraine

the finns do not love the russians

“ In Death From Above, you are a lone Ukrainian military drone operator battling Russian occupation forces. Hidden behind enemy lines, you command a 'super drone' to seek and destroy tanks, take back communication towers, recover stolen goods, and fight for a better tomorrow.  Slava Ukraini ! ”

risk is an estimate of certainty

results vary

A man who’s never seen war is like a woman who’s never given birth  —  soft in the head

the above  quote  by  andrei platonov

i quite like his unfinished play  grandmother’s little hut

his weakness is his "communist utopianism" but there’s a very original mind there

false and true shift

like a mirage

wavering in the distance

hard to understand

the  duochrome  test which is quite sensitive can be a rough guide to your refraction

red side clearer/crisper means short sighted, green clearer means long sighted  (one uncovered eye at a time)

try different distances

“ On a smartphone or a bigger screen ? ”

the larger letters might be ok for a smart phone, once you see what you are looking for, its pretty obvious


life interrupted

keats’ grecian urn

in the prosaic




the "spiritual"

look for answers

with answers

no wonder




“ "where mazu stomps a zen master"; the baiyun duan 24 translated by suru

when master shuilao joined mazu, he bowed then stood, desiring then to ask a question.  mazu then stamped and stamped and as he fell back shuilao suddenly had a great awakening

starting to laugh, " ha ha! ", and with a great big smile, he said, " very strange ! very strange ! hundred of thousands of dharma gates, limitless subtle meaning, all on the tip of a hair  —  i know them all to the root ! " ”

my  reply

yet he fell


wanting a root

of reality

not understanding

a forest


a forest

“ What’s the hardest thing for you to comprehend about the American culture ? ”

a national system of herding children into school rooms and throwing dice as to whether they get shot or not with no legal redress

growing understanding

a slow stitching in time

the unperceived



“ Pre-sleep light exposure remained significantly associated with  gestational diabetes ”

“ Pre-sleep light exposure increases heart rate and may lead to abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, increased blood pressure ”

no mention of this new study by the toads of the press of course, being intelligent about health is way beyond their ken

the problem is the amount of blue in white light being an activity and synchronising signal for the circadian rhythm so basically you want to cut back the amount of white/blue light before going to bed, i switch onto a red led head lamp for an hour or more, the beauty of red leds is they have a strictly red spectrum with the exception of red led filament bulbs which actually have quite a bit of blue in their light because they use a phosphor excited by blue light

it never used to be such a problem because the old fashioned plain incandescent filament bulbs with their more "brown" light had less blue in, so its really emergent in the last five years

“ politics focuses character ”

stephen kotkin on how to explain murderous disasters like stalinist russia, that is, political beliefs shaping normative behaviour into something cruel and destructive

the belief in a right to russian hegemony being behind their invasion of the ukraine

china has the same belief, historical echoes hitting a resonance of capability

Slavoj Zizek and Stephen Kotkin  in discussion

“ I had to have a couple of courses of doxycycline and several of azithromycin over 12-18 months and now my gut is really screwed

I’m exhausted, don’t sleep well, and generally my digestion is in poor shape

I realised my microbiome was screwed  (had a similar issue years ago so not totally surprised),  and I’m taking seeking health probiota histaminx, but after a couple of weeks I feel like this isn’t going to do it on its own. I’m not sure how to proceed ? ”

my  reply

i ate a Lactobacillus Acidophilus only yogurt for a while after a sustained course of tetracycline years ago which seemed to work, however some of these modern antibiotics are way more toxic, scarily so actually

i would drop the ProBiota HistaminX, bifidum bacteria can be really bad news

“ Can you expand on the bifidum being bad news ? ”

its a colon and lower intestine bacteria, the stomach and upper intestine is the wrong place for it

so to take bifido, in theory they need some sort of delayed release encapsulation, though i don’t know how well it works

also elaine gottschall, the developer of the  specific carbohydrate diet  was dead against taking it

yeah, kefir was a bad experience for me as well, you can "pasturize" kefir and yogurts by heating to about 70°C, there is benefit to this even though it kills the bacteria because it creates antigens from the bits of the now dead bacteria

the   houston enzymes  AFP pep, zyme prime and no fenol are very helpful and so is candex taken occasionally

been through it all and come out the other side, i really disagree with 99% of the advice given, why people get it so wrong i don't know, but i totally eschew all this fermented stuff, because my digestive system doesn’t work well enough to control all these supposedly good bacteria

“ Something to consider: how did you learn to speak ? ”

its designed into the brain by evolution, babies and very young children in effect fit sound into a deep structure semantic template

the neural wiring for using the mouth and tongue is all there in the genes

given the rapidity with which they pick up their language, there is no other possibility

the "single transcendent road"

they claim to walk on

or see

is not there

this illusion

so pitiful

its too easy

to create


and treat it

as real,


can something be seen

in hindsight?

What’s your experience in identifying those who claim to be "enlightened" ?

enlightened about what ?

its actually a rhetorical  (ed. aka sophistical)  trick to remove the context, eg he was enlightened about the water supply situation  (guess what i am doing at the moment !)

if you just say he was "enlightened" then you strip the context and it has a pseudo profundity, but in reality it needs a context to be meaningful

you have moved away from the accepted meaning as an adjective

redefining the english language, with some exceptions is not healthy

its actually a problem with "woke" terminology

the mediocre

contained by their own ideas

and unwilling to step outside them

denial of the experiential is becoming so embedded in todays culture, all these criticisms by people who have no practical experience in the areas they talk about, past glib and facileness actually, but oh they take themselves so seriously

a natural sense of entitlement plus a malign school system must take a substantial portion of the blame

90% of people make the mistake with their quotes of translations that they put their mind numbing commentaries to, of assuming what they quote is some bedrock of deep meaning when all they are doing is giving voice to what in the end is another person’s opinion of the sense of variable quality transcripts

you need the experience of making translations to get a perspective

instead they just spill nonsense forever

“ infinity is awfully big and eternity is a long time ”

well of course you can’t see the end

but one footstep after another

is the process

and the process is the end

so in this case

you already know how it is

where will we meet ?

in the garden the flowers cry

where is she ?

she cared for us

the sun


your absence

neither shape nor form is seen

dreams are empty

and the moonlit landscape is unusually quiet

about what is missing

users of psychedelics

the most boring

and stupid people


for the confusion

of their



its interesting that there was so much  audience dissatisfaction  with the ending of george bernard shaw’s "pygmalion" and the film and stage versions, its like he left an unsolvable problem, the play as it stands comes to a wall it can’t go past, sort of a wooden non-dimensionality to the two male leads

god created

two universes

male and female

which begs the question

was god

 male or female ?

doubt your own judgment

the old masters knew this



the audience listened

so full

of their



oozing into the conceptual cesspits

they called themselves

opening a book

all they have to do is read

projection upon projection

the caught birds flutter

life, debts repaid two or three times

is how it is


we are on both sides of this equation

but i wouldn’t say

the uneven balances out

i wasn’t really familiar with virgil so searched and found  this ,  he certainly can write !


conveying an image

to live

within it

i have been a bit behind on getting into the mobile phone world, so today i had the thrill of my first scam message, there’s a definite art to telling its a scam since this one was very convincing, it had a very neat and authentic looking presentation, where it falls down is links that return to the form they want filled with personal information instead of going to authentic external web sites and actually they do have one link going to an authentic company website, to create conviction i guess

also its own links which are variants of the supposed source eg don’t show up on the web when i use them as an actual address

one just has to be very careful and look for the red flags, in this case the outstanding one was wanting the date of birth with some spurious reason for this, i only use false ones and even have a record of what i use for various "legal" websites, really into today’s world on the net with a scammer behind every corner, they shouldn’t be asking

i fully expect the sophistication of these attempts to improve, its just a skill one will have to keep up with, inevitability on a bit of investigation they will have giveaways

there are interesting phase changes as one progresses in sorting it out; inattentional conviction, scepticism, then surety of it being a fake, its in the first phase where the danger lies, the scammers must have some success to do what they do


half you

half not you

evolution’s joke

played on solipsism

let things ride

or interfere ?

too often its the latter

when it should be the former

and the former

when it should be the latter

not much help am i ?

i never knew  monopoly  was originally an american game based on  atlantic city  and the london street names are not well chosen

its origin was as publicizing of the political doctrine of "georgism" which aimed to replace all taxes with one land tax

suru’s translation of baiyun duan 19

one day mazu ascended the seat

ed.  to preach a sermon

baizhang rolled up his mat in front of him

mazu immediately stepped down

my  comment

baizhang rolled up his mat

from the beginning


the end of time



to what he is saying

ed.  i think it was an action that was saying something

a leaving

renaissance artists had the problem of trying to say something worthwhile, yet within the constraints of the iconography of christianity

it took me a while to get what  the ascension  by donatello is about, but i think its the solipsism of jesus being removed from the crowd and their obstinate malignancy

if you read tusiata avia’s poetry, you can see where she’s coming from which is as an unwilling participant in the misfit of a strongly patriarchal and highly violent polynesian neolithic culture lacking adaptation to today’s conditions , i do think the "woke" aspect of some of it is playing to the sensibilities of funders

all neolithic cultures are the same, constant tribal warfare and the need for plenty of young men who don’t brook restraint, maori, european, asian, middle eastern, its all the basic same pattern, high infant mortality, women as breeding stock, and very aggressive young men

she’s intelligent, speaks and  interviews well  ,  a bit of an "impressario" with street smarts

some lines from  Tuālima

Mum doesn’t sing

The tuālima grows across her hand  :

dark-green malu

shapes like diamonds

like birds and fish and the sea

“ What do you think of her disgusting expletive ridden foul racist language then ”

its just all "acting", poetry doesn’t sell at all, she needs to present an interesting public persona, in a sense its all fiction, entirely usual for anything in the arts, ah, performance art

for quantum physics to work and of necessity it must for this universe to exist, it proscribes faster than light travel and prescribes entanglement, they are its  boundary conditions

bad luck to all those science fiction stories and ufo nonsense that send spaceships to the earth, or gallivant between galaxies, its not possible

“ people who don’t drink alcohol  —  what are your reasons for not drinking ? ”

i respect my brain, kidneys, skin and liver and don’t want to expect a senile or cancer ridden old age

what they can’t understand

they diss as not understandable

what a bad attitude !


need to transit


informed judgement





who doesn’t know this ?

the opinionated !

can’t you write something that actually has meaning ?

playing the contextless game of waffle and avoidance

as i asked before

what’s the point ?

braying asses

sound like

braying asses

one of the problems with wars is the way others get drawn in

if china attacked taiwan, it would also have to attack australia as australia would not stand by and if australia got attacked then the peacenik of the south pacific would also be drawn in

this actually has been recognised by new zealand’s military with its purchase of four Boeing P8-A Poseidons which for the first time for decades give the country a real modern wartime capability to sink ships or submarines

unfortunately being a "peacenik" has never worked, the mongol massacres of pretty much the entire populations of comfy middle class cities in persia that never gave a serious thought for their defence is one of the egregious historical examples

the spruikers of doctrine

more than crazy

is how

the idiots occupy themselves

the phases pass

it doesn’t seem like they can

but they do


bossy they write

boss boss boss boss

its this way and not that

so they say

it can’t be any other way

why ?

because i say so !

when asked about our minds

we flounder

the intangible

can’t grasp

the intangible

this is us

amino acids proficient at building folding proteins enabled the evolution of life, its interesting that entities so chemical require a feature so mechanical to get to "the next level"

an interesting view of war is that it is an information gathering exercise to ascertain the relative position and strength of two opponents which is why the russo-ukrainian war is continuing, each side is continuing to assess the other and update its views and peace will come when the best benefit of the long term projections of both sides coincide

what the russians cannot see and is quite apparent to an outsider is that since they are in effect at war with nato, they are up against a combined economy 40 times greater than theirs and the longer the war goes on, the more this difference shows

the last time they were in this situation was the crimean war of 1854, which did not turn out well for them despite a lack of military competence by the alliance that opposed them

basic concepts like medication side effects, tapering off when stopping taking one and unstable malign synergistic health repercussions when taking more than one, increasing exponentially with each additional med seem not to be understood

the soviets prevented the british dropping supplies to the polish resistance in warsaw so they could be  killed by the germans

“ But what is at the margin of the dharma-body ? ”

truth goes to falsity

on the margin

you can’t tell the difference


take some scripture

and flog it to death

for daring to assert

the executioner

is not god

the seamless monument

a zen cliché

what monument ?

what seam

that isn’t there ?

the pyramids always fascinate me because of the ratio of the  effort of construction  of the pointlessness of it all being vanishingly low

a vast co-operative project simply because of a fiction of the way they viewed reality

a more hands on "computational" view on how the pyramids might have  been built

james joyce could spend a day on two sentences

that is not for me

at least

i hope not

time and memory

the intensity leaves us

the decrement of age

i was reading about  book blurbs

why does so much we deal with these days have this sort of mentality ?

so many words

followed by more words

then one day you get it

more words follow

ad infinitum

thinking straight

a gift or curse ?

once you entangle



"vulgar masses"

who get traumatized

once you move beyond appearances

stalin was an insane mass murderer

why people defend him, i don’t know

one gauge of the effectiveness of my writing is my comments on you tube can get very delayed replies, up to ten or twelve years !

its rather freaky actually, to stretch across the decades like that !

“ Stalin.  Without his rapid industrialization, the nazis would have won ”

the russians would have done much better without him, you want to look further into it

despite warnings from several sources about the german invasion date, stalin refused to believe it and russia was almost totally unprepared

russian losses throughout the war were horrific

“ He still defeated the nazis ”

you really want to research the subject, its not so much the russians won as the nazis/germans lost, its like the russian invasion of the ukraine, the germans were so stretched that when the supply lines got long and the russians started to show real resistance it all started to fall apart

stalin’s saving grace was after all his leadership disasters from interfering in strategic and tactical operations, unlike hitler, he started to listen to the generals

“ What does that even mean lol ?  The red army killed 7/8 nazis killed in the war ”

  this is what it means

didn’t he say, "one man’s death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic ?"

ivan the terrible was small beer compared to him

“ So you're blaming stalin for the 27 million soviets killed by the nazis in the war ? ”

somewhat yes, it was only the perceived weakness of russia under stalin that led the germans to invade in the first place

russia was rapidly industrializing under the tsar, the revolution set it back 15 years and was so inefficient it was always very far from its true potential

ten acres of nonsense

dancing in the cess pit

they go

on and on

unlike jesus, pontius pilate was an historical person and from what little we know of him he was a "kiss the bosses arse", horses and racing, "scorch the earth" and kill everybody in rebel territory sort of guy

he would have to be bemused about the huge fuss and mythology about him today, i don’t think "philosophically thoughtful" was his scene at all

the abbot called for his attendant three times, but the attendant never came

he later criticised the attendant, if you don’t come when called, when will you be there when needed ?

the attendant was abashed

the mind prior to the universe


your own

“ So you had a mind before the universe ? ”

what did i write ?

the wheel turns

and we come around

to the same mistake

as we made before

like we never saw it coming

and like we

wouldn’t respond the same

borderline personality disorder and gaslighting go together, when you see one, look for the other

for some reason a fair portion of the younger generation think these dysfunctions are admirable, be careful when dealing with them, its often a drug culture skill, but they don’t have to be taking drugs to pick up on how to gaslight

alcohol is a drug btw

his daughter was killed because of the nonsense he pushes

who ?

aleksandr dugin

still pushing it ,  no remorse

in the video interview  (a touch more than halfway down the page)  the interviewer and him are speaking very good english, i think the interviewer must have spent time in the usa since she has that accent and looks a bit skeptical throughout the interview, i do notice that RT is on balance surprisingly moderate and i get an indication of resistance to what is currently happening between russia and the ukraine

he’s a true war criminal, but like martin heidegger he won’t face much in the way of punishment if and when it all collapses even though they have a huge influence on public opinion

interestingly another supposedly heavily biased news channel  al jazzera  is quite good in its reporting, you just have to understand their geo-political position a bit, but its surprisingly international and fair, as no doubt it will be staffed to a large degree by graduates from western universities

“ If Buddha’s story is bunk, where should I learn about this stuff ?

some of the stories are bunk, others are not

there are real historical zen masters and maybe some of the transcripts are roughly what they said

if you read the more authentic stuff, a lot of the time they are berating others for thinking that this is about "learning" that you acquire knowledge and a conceptual system to place it in like in school, which is actually how a lot of net_zenners take it

there’s sorta a universal question, "how do you explain life" and the answer is not in "conceptual systems" but really an intelligent processing of your experience

so straight off, you need to learn to read more closely and with discrimination, this is the "real zen" not the billions of pages of various shades of nonsense

with a bit of meditation you start to see the personal bullshit, people don’t like that for "good reason" ie, they are so full of it

one grows out of meditation, but my personal experience is one has to start somewhere, though i could only ever do it in a group setting

also since the matter is "universal" its going to be there in various measures in other religions, poetry, literature and philosophy, if you just read zen records, that’s gonna blinker you

if its not understood as a child

it never will be

decoying is so dishonest, but can be a necessity

what you write is full of errors eg your statement that "Huang Po, Bodhidharma, and Gautama Buddha all roundly reject this"

that’s a "declamation", you saying such and such is so doesn’t make it so and in addition there’s the problem of huang po being an historical person and the other two are novelistic fictions

you are writing is an area covered by "theology", philosophy and philology but reading you, its like watching a legless man run

quoting any text there’s problems of translations, transcriptions, historical factualness versus total fictions

dunning-kruger in a bad way, you are harming yourself

the commonality of religions is to use "wisdom literature" to validate their nonsense

so in some respects they are going to look similar

but the similarity is churned within



can’t convey




the problem with omnism is the doctrines themselves are a mish mash of incoherent babble which is why schism is wound into their very fabric

jacques derrida  talking about writing  taking him to a new, more profound and simpler perception of the world that had a lot of power to explain it

i think this is the problem we face as adults, getting out of the limited circles of our minds into new and vigorous explanations and ways of dealing with the world, its difficult

years ago i wrote my first poem and i think it did bring a different perspective, the writing of the poem itself was something to do with the shift and though i have written a lot since, i think it is one of my best

vast rolling sea

beyond the clouds, blue empty sky

clouds like ropes

coiling and winding

uncoiling unwinding

along and beyond

the blue empty sky

looking for ourselves

it turned out to be a machine

and the ghost was not in the machine

but outside

looking for ourselves

it turned out to be a machine

the ghost turned out not to be in the machine

but outside

omnists overlook the fact that individual religions regard other religions as false

i’m understanding paintings as currency with a similar verifications process in the abstract to public ledger cryptocurrencies

if you look at the  verification process ,  it is in effect publishing transactions on a public ledger and the value of the painting is due to this certainty of it not being forged

in abstract terms, what is "monotheism" ?

its one cause behind everything

its just too coherent, some root condition that explains everything

where is a root condition in an ouroboros ?

if i give an answer, its because there is a question

if no question is made, where would the answer be ?

“ What if that one cause is "relativity ?" ”

What if that one cause is "absoluteness  ?"

the ouroboros writhes

if you have noticed

Yeah, same idea. Genuinely. Is that still monotheism, in your estimation ?

i address the issue  here

which is really about what the mystical approach is and how its not "externalism", but the processing of experience

these promoters of stalin can have no acquaintance with his personal life, how he killed off or imprisoned his wife’s family after her suicide

not sane by any measure

and actually putin has a similar problem, early stage dementia

the problem with the russian political system is it can’t get rid of crazies running the place

“ not much ”

its all garbled

the way of the world

good streaked with bad

without the tempering of your own experience

you will take nonsense

as sense

how sad

that is why

we wash away

in tears

its all garbled

the way of the world

good streaked with bad

without the tempering of your own experience

you will take nonsense

as sense

how sad

that is why

we wash away

in tears

“ Like "being-as-is" or "suchness" ”

both monotheistic

hard to escape in western culture, everything gets re-interpreted in terms of it

if its not there

why mention it at all ?

if its there, what is it ?

“ Someone who looks for me in form

or seeks me in sound

is on a mistaken path

and cannot see the Tathagata ”

ed.  the above quote from the diamond sutra

my  reply

pure and erroneous "monotheism" i am afraid

sound speaks

and seeing sees

no tathagata

who needs it ?

“ So you should view this fleeting world

A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream

A flash of lightening in a summer cloud

 A flickering lamp, a phantom, and a dream ” 

rather than fleeting

the world continues

why is that ?

neither continues or flees

this is beyond them

a good theory of what can be done for SIBO dysbiosis and why in terms of diet is the  specific carbohydrate diet 

the diamond sutra is just so much nonsense, of course buddhists pretend otherwise


executed with his mates at heyin

how did staring at a wall help him ?

what a waste of time !

in terms of what and who ?

that’s so typical of here  (ed. r|zen), you lot just throw phrases around without context trying to give an impression of profundity, but in reality its just a very through see-able rhetorical technique and you don’t even have the self-honesty to admit the offence

jonathan gorard gives  the only definition  i have heard of quantum physics that i can understand

classical physics assumes that parallel processes involve objects that are are separate, the moment you relax that constraint then you are forced into the algebra of quantum physics, so you can see how fundamental entanglement is to particle quantum physics 

in effect, quantum is how parallel processes encode to include non-separability

“ Tell me who you are ”

not telling

because no search occurred

identity is diffuse

but not non-existent

reality jumbled

occasionally the tumblers align

and we step

into the sacred garden

a common theme in zen is "masters" creating contradictions or paradoxes and basically asking where do you go from here ?

i think basically its a criticism of  externalism

i think it ties in with this idea of  computational irreducibility , that for complete understanding, you have to abandon theory and do the computation and so you step away from ideas which can be conveyed and into the solipsist "what cannot be conveyed"

the theory arises out of an ongoing "computational" process, its can’t arise from anything else, to work too directly on the abstract just leaves empty vacuity

looking at that deshan quote, he lived in the 8th and 9th centuries and he’s complaining of the monks making the same mistake as r|zen commentators, they are stuck in attempting a theoretical understanding, but lacking the solipsist experience they can never get anywhere

you can argue whether meditation is a genuine solipsism or a proxy, imo it can be both having seen people who have meditated for decades but might as well have been playing golf

exercise for depression, anxiety and distress

too simple for our pill dependent culture

the gospel of thomas (nag hammadi) is straight "wisdom literature" set in a certain framework with surprisingly little sectarian interpolation

all those wise souls

keeping their mouths shut

not so the unwise

we await

the drivelling


a world

where cause and effect is confused

or non-existent

time walks backwards and forwards dumping you where it pleases

imagination infringes and surpasses reality

when reality is consigned to the world of dreams

a good book

does this

and more

 is it only books ?

the self assured stupid

adolescent and young adult mammals

of any species



the australian mantra

“ Guardian Australia  (ed. the newspaper/website)  acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of Country throughout Australia and their connections to land, waters and community.  We pay respect by giving voice to social justice, acknowledging our shared history and valuing the cultures of First Nations ”

have you ever read such meaningless hypocritical unctuous gobbledegook ?


an endless trail

to some purpose

that’s the problem

like it leads somewhere

and nowhere

schools are prisons

where your brain gets chiselled into shapes

that are not you

schools are prisons

where your brain gets chiselled into a shape

that is no longer you

one can foresee an end

but you actually have to come to it

to end

it doesn’t happen


the marketing bubble


let it walk away

and everything collapses

does maitreya exist ?

an agent of cause ?

if not

how caused ?

cause or effect

that evaporates ?


the price of distinctness

is alienation

the sermon on the mount

an unholy prescription

of right and wrong

ed.    i read it , probably for the second or third time in my life and its a surprising mixture of "wisdom literature" mixed with "church rules", its a common trick to validate the wrong with by associating it with the right

contacts create a more skin-like microbiome in the eye which can be problematic for some

is "alice in wonderland" a universe ?

the vast expanse of time

contains so much

though today it seems compressed

yet once it wasn’t

the leisure to build and collapse

lives and time to cycle through what was familiar

all completely at home with what was occurring

"lions on the tips of multitudinous grasses" or similar is a common saying in zen, its really a buddhist notion of infinite regress, rather like the zoom fractals that you can see on youtube

an actor

you can see it easier without the sound

pays much better than having minor parts in westerns

if there’s one thing i have learnt watching  matt armstrong ,  its that ease of maintenance, low complexity and reliability are the most significant factors in buying a car

only the crazy or very wealthy buy lamborginis, bmws or ferraris and in the case of ferraris, have a "death wish" as well

the "not too bright"

taking the words

of the "not too bright"



the way of the world

and has created more trouble

than can be counted

held in low esteem

by the world

forcing a questioning of it

is the way forward

to understanding what can be understood of it

as for what can’t   .   .   .

from the horse’s mouth

ed.  deshan quoted from dahui’s "treasury of the eye of true teaching" #162 translated by thomas cleary

“ Don’t go running off flattening your feet  —  there is no special religious path to study.  If anything is attained by study, it is secondary or tertiary, an externalist view ”

r|zen, den of "externalism"




one life

rewarded by another



you don’t have to try

you don’t have to go anywhere

it will fall into your lap

when its due

what is an exam ?

a test of conformity

sometimes this has validity

sometimes not

unanswerable questions

can look like

they have many answers

i know its trivial, but my own experience is spelling mistakes are taken by some as an excuse to diss the writing the mistake is embedded in, so i take a lot of care not to make them ,  though sometimes i do vary the spelling or grammar from what is conventional


a saint

buddhas out in the world

the fakes and their hierarchies

nonsense piled upon nonsense

only you

are true

if you go where people can reach you

you are not there yet

“ where is not there yet ? ”

where people can’t reach you

“ You had one eye in the mirror, as you watched yourself  gavotte ”

fourth line, second verse of carly simon’s "you’re so vain" song, she’s actually the daughter of richard simon, co-founder of the publisher simon & schuster which might explain the use of such an unashamedly literary word whose meaning anchors the song

surupamaerl2’s translation of baiyun duan’s case seven   :   vimalakirti was silent

“ in the vimalakirti sutra, of thirty two bodhisattvas, everyone spoke of the dharma-gate of non-duality when they arrived at vimalakirti’s house, but he alone was silent

in admiration, manjusri exclaimed, "even without speech or written words, there is the true entry of the dharma-gate of non-duality ! "

one and two and one hundred ten millions   .   .   .

use your fingers to count, the amount is unmanageable  —

for now, place it before the hazy window

you can reckon it again tomorrow ”

my  reply


fools himself

and others


and talk

go together

but only

one day in three hundred

is right

truth and falsity

a hard conundrum

when the false is true

and the true false

“ In what way is the writing style different in men and women ? ”

women tend to write shorter sentences and there is more discontinuity between sentences.

the big giveaway is the content difference, but attention works quite differently in women, by male standards women look a bit "attention deficit" yet can focus better on detail but i do find women tend to get bound up in their own views and have trouble seeing the broader picture

since there is so much written communication these days, its an interesting little puzzle to observe the differences

“ I think I get what you mean, thank you for explaining.  I also find that women tend to show more emotions be it positive or negative in their replies, if that makes sense ” 

lol, for sure, if they get annoyed, they can get really unpleasant

is appropriate behaviour in different situations such a hard thing to understand ?

what is fine with friends and family can be inappropriate in other circumstances

if social skills are not natural, they have to be built from observation and experience, maybe its always a case of steering between rocks like it is with me ?

“ I’m glad I have a good therapist, because otherwise you might have sent me spiralling on this one.  Better luck next time ”

you can’t hack rational discussion ?

there’s no spiralling in objectivity

you have totally failed to take the point i was making and all you really have to do is look from her point of view

my reworking/rebuilding of a story about nansen

nanquan asked a monk

“ did you love the energy of the storm last night ? ”

the monk replied

“ it was great ! ”

nanquan replied "too bad it knocked down the cedar at the gate"

another monk, overhearing this asked "what is going on ?"

nanquan replied

“ something was lost that could have been found ”

i feel a translation is a literary or art work and therefore should have some aesthetic value

men killed in war

the farce of ceremony

the facile covering

of the unresolvable

women are constantly having to evaluate whether strange men are a danger to them, or not

if you are a man in that position, it always pays to give some signals of reassurance, minding your own business or a little light conversation are some ways

this is extraordinary,  hardly believable , but its an intercepted cell phone call of a russian soldier in a difficult front line position  (40 meters from the ukrainians near kharkiv) ,  complaining to his wife who has complained about the situation to a general !

the dream of an understanding that explains all

only the idle would entertain it

youth and age

one fools the other

youth and age

one fools another

literal translations are only as good as the source transcript which itself may/will have a degree of garbling

of course the literary and religious universes are full of ghastly "interpretative" translations

there is no such thing as a "wonderful human"

illusion’s have no validity if it wasn’t for the people pursuing them

your dream is not mine

if you are close to something

you lose your objectivity

if you are far away

you lose the detail

seeing where another sees

and not seeing

where another sees

and seeing where another doesn’t see

and not seeing where another doesn’t see

there is some division that doesn’t make sense


never will


lead to dreams that shatter

there is no comfort in this life

yet there is comfort


give rise



that shatter

life is infinite

yet recurring circles

this quandary

 how to express ?

they have time to waste

so they waste it

the young

and it is wasted for them

you are in total denial about having a problem, denial is complete i guess

i can’t compete with your lack of shame in writing bookloads of rubbish

a majority of one

can hold true

and often doesn’t

when everyone tells you have a problem

and you disagree

time to revisit

the problem

hostile to no point !   story of your life?

let us know !

when denial becomes savancy

the brick wall of being

was built long ago

if you are not going to read what i write, what can i say ?

do some contemplative work, you are just reading and regurgitating book nonsense

brick walls for heads

they can’t see past it

life seen through the filter of another

is not your life

and turns out to be


emergent versus non-emergent

what’s at the base

is there a base ?

“ once, while the reverend nanquan was cutting grass, a monk asked, "what is the path to get to nanquan’s dwelling place ?"

the reverend raised up his scythe and said, "i bought this scythe for 30 coins"

the monk replied, "i didn’t ask about that.  what is the path to get to nanquan’s dwelling place ? "

the reverend replied, "my expenditures befit the sharpest" ”

my reply

no dwelling

he dwells for a while

mostly he dwells

as dwells

you can’t cut

or sell that

i really avoid monotheism and its equivalents

it is a mistaken perception

if the premise is flawed, all that follows will be flawed

pretender’s random talk

without meaning

at which they balk

i think  vladimir solovyov  is a deliberate foil to putin’s replacement, by making putin look like a moderate compared to solovyov’s bridling to start a nuclear holocaust

the soviet experience has inducted a free floating hypocrisy and the ability to totally decouple what one one thinks from what one says, a nationwide psychosis

to me the big surprise is the degree to which technology is enabling an extreme of social control without the execution level of repression in china and russia that existed under mao and stalin and beria

in the west it has gone the other way, so it depends how its handled i guess


penetrated by more stories

what a waste of time

trying to understand

politics is politics, however i do think jacinda ardern was always a strong utopian believer and the inconsistencies in that position became more and more apparent to her, reality constantly inverts intention !

joshu asked the reverend nanquan

“ what happens when a monk  (ed. buddhist)  dies ? ”

naquan replied

“ the same as any beast of burden, don’t waste your life and time ”

joshu thanked nanquan for his instruction

more words

not less

when less

are called for

eyes half closed for zazen and all you need to know about the breathing is to be able to breathe with belly movement rather than the chest, sit in a chair or use kneeling, the lotus damages the knees and hips and actually sitting too much is not safe

all the is stuff about counting the breath and practices etc is just crazy

the major new scientific theory of the past decades is one that doesn’t make the media, its called "the free energy principle" and it states that in essence we are prediction machines, constantly attempting to judge future directions and happenings that we might more favourably position ourselves with respect to them and we must necessarily interact with the world to clarify the prediction

the process of error, correction and models of the world are at the very bottom of reality and existence, where the process goes wrong which is in effect a type of hubris or incapacity you get societal and personal dysfunction and mental illness, scratch the surface and you can see it everywhere including oneself

to be honest i still don’t fully understand it, its hard to understand though it seems simple

the wiki  and   another link  that offers a good summary

“ perception is an inevitable consequence of  active exchange  with the environment ”

nursing is actually a pretty hazardous job, a lot of them suffer difficult health problems later in life, being constantly around sick people is not safe

lewis carroll was very interested in  this painting  by edwin landseer and actually if you look carefully you can see elements of "alice’s adventures underground"  (the original title)

an article  on the painting

the cathar ideal of a pure unobtainable love echoes centuries later in literature the characters of dulcinea del toboso and bathsheba everdene

we can’t escape ourselves

and our views

what does that tell us about them ?

one subsumes the other ?

and what subsumes both ?

the dissonance

between the way we think the world is

and the way it actually is

even the "actually is"

is still not "actually is"

there is no escape

from dissonance

some days my brain just wanders

can’t focus on what i think i should be doing

it makes me realize

i am not me

and never was

theological discourse

and reasoning

an evasive dance around the fact

the premises are flawed

one’s mouth gapes

at the amount of time

put into this

IQ tests measure the ability to do an IQ test

it is unintelligent to take such a test

stupidity and intelligence are just perspectives

the past

seen through cultural fictions

just another of life’s absurdities

but more dangerous

than most

as they move

the stupid masses

in ways

that defy logic



we ourselves

experience finality

a beginning and a end

a gradual development

and sudden termination

it hardly seems fair

but neither was the beginning fair

alice dreamed

and everything else followed

if you understand this

your name must be

charles dodgson


between here and there

its simply amazing

one can do this

leaving one world

and popping out in another

the blink in between

we somehow forget about

yet it contains

more than the beginning and end

i must admit the buddhist sutras are right up there with gnosticism and various christian dogma as nonsense with no redeeming merit except promoting totally wasteful uses of time

as far as i can see zen came into existence as a political construct promoted by the monk shenhui who may or may not have had some acquaintance with the sixth patriarch

it is infused with elements of christianity, daoism and greek philosophy and is also more than most religions a literary form and its boundaries with buddhism were very blurred

you can view "bodidharma" as metaphor for the greco-bactrian ie greek philosophic influence  —  "blue eyed barbarian", maybe he was real and executed at heyin, who knows ?

i don’t glamorize "the poor" any more than i glamorize "the rich", all thugs in their way

history is just wars by princes, stalin and beria made war on russians just like putin makes war on slavs

the problem with "communism" is in simple terms its based on the premise "from each according to his ability to each according to his needs"

only a psychotic will think this is going to work

with religion there’s factual history and hagiography and myth and you have to be careful to distinguish one from the other !

with religion there’s factual history versus hagiography and myth and you have to be careful to distinguish one from the other !

looking through  their portfolio ,  i would say a lot of those paintings are vulnerable to taste and "fashion" changes, at least in the long term

time passes

and spreads out

giving coherence

to what was murky


i really like the concept of "plot armour"

stretched to the max  in this clip

the pursuit can have ended

with surprising results

you don’t want to be where you are now

roads that go nowhere

empty at the start

and empty at the finish

could it have been otherwise ?

a good poem should make sense in a different way to prose even if you can’t quite grasp it

you have to hold your mind open and let the words do the work

a good poem should make sense in a different way to prose even if you can’t grasp it

you have to hold your mind open and let the words do the work

the reverend nanquan said in his eulogy

the reverend wang claimed to have existed and now he claims not to have existed, are there any buyers ?

a monk stepped forward from the assembly and volunteered to purchase

the reverend nanquan scolded him   :   you don’t have to buy what is given

the answer to the problem is a conundrum, that there is an agency behind reality, yet that is impossible

however within the exclusion of impossibility is a possibility


in front

or inhereing now

its there

in despair

just be careful

you don’t fall into

solving a false problem

read more widely, zen and other religions are just repackaged philosophy and wisdom literature

people think they are saying something but if you have read widely of quality in religion, philosophy, literature and poetry you will realise its just monkeys tapping on a typewriter

everyone knows that lewis carroll is charles dodgson’s penname, but do they know that lewis is an anglicization of the latinization of his mothers maiden name and charles’ middle name "lutwidge" ?

charles lutwidge latinizes to carolus lodovicus which anglicizes to carroll lewis

the interesting thing about the 60’s children’s program "the magic roundabout" is that the animation was a french production created by serge danot, but completely stripped of any plot and sound and totally rewritten and narrated by emma thompson’s father who has quite a wry view edging to cynical of how the world works or rather doesn’t

women cry

children cry

men can’t cry

but they can feel it

women cry

children cry

men can’t cry

but they feel it

there is a current fashion to "depersonalize" literature by claiming only the text is necessary and authors and their lives are irrelevant

this nonsense can only be an attempt by academia to hide the absurdity of the gap between a reader and writer, like what are they actually doing ? learning to read and validate junk and their brains follow suite ?

yet in writers as diverse as evelyn waugh, jane austen, thomas hardy, roald dahl and sir henry neville, the lives and personalities inform every page

the net makes it easy to research a writer’s life, it totally adds extra dimensions to whatever they have written to do that research

the phoenix looks at his watch

carefully marked in years


the colours are fading a bit but he felt suttee was not his style

time to look for a different myth

non-existence does have many doors

powerlessness remedied in the imagination

an escape the brute force of the real world contradicts

from time immemorial

an unbearable weight of sadness

present value versus future unknown

not necessarily a hard choice

at the butchers i noticed some very dark T-bone steaks, unusual so i looked it up and from  this page  it appears to be from a stressed animal and actually there is a local saying here about this, such an animal is "frost killed", that is, killed in very cold weather, though it is midsummer now

fake squared

the  [fill in here]  babies

make up shit




a pearl

the darts are scattered

but he claims a bullseye

life is too short

to waste your time


the circle returns, but it never left its path

the mind prior to the universe


your own

within agency

there is no agency

and without agency

there is agency

within agency

there is no agency

and outside agency

there is agency

fooling himself, he thinks he fools others !

not honest with himself

how can he be honest with others ?

taking words

shuffling them like card deck

the random result

they don’t care


“ it’s easy to rest if you stop talking ”

“ if you don’t say anything you can rest ”

so recursive, he gets it wrong explaining how it goes wrong

a genius !

quoting they quote

what the quote says

they have no idea

foyan’s criticism of monks wasting their time in scriptural studies

can you find something in the five thousand volumes  (ed.  of buddhist scripture)  that can give an answer to a non-existent question ?

or is it just unending craziness ?

what does autumn tell you ?

do you think you are excepted from those changes ?

while sitting at the hairdressers/barbers waiting for a haircut and listening to the constant chatter of the two women hairdressers and their clients, i wondered at my coming ordeal, however snoozing a bit i came to a slightly better frame of mind when i finally got to the chair, yes i was going to be taciturn and silent

i don’t know how it happened, but we immediately started out talking about covid, maybe her asking whether i had had it and i said i was never tested and couldn’t tell , but i wasn’t worried as i was blood type O and that is much less affected than blood type A, she was fascinated by this as she and her father were blood type A, her elderly father had almost died of covid and was only saved by a serendipitous anti-viral in storage for aids that had never been used

she also got it severely and had a degree of long covid afterwards with her lungs taking a while to recover which is what you would expect from the theory

interestingly her daughter was type O- and has a job that required her to be tested every day for covid, but she has not had covid at all so far

of course, blood type is one factor, there are others like the ability to make  LRRC15

the lack of meaning

in life

disturb the peons

who remain disturbed

for life

afraid to step out into what they don’t know

and make everyone

suffer for it

leaves are shed

and leaves grow


what ?

the full moon

white like bone

is that a rabbit or a death’s head

etched on it ?

upside down

inside out

what fades comes in full force

the prominent reduces



with dynamics like these

no wonder life is crazy

an interesting distinction on a population basis is the difference between "healthspan" and "lifespan" for the aging

the aftermath


half a step to death

then the step back

a quiet space of gentle fatigue

its not too bad

they try to pierce the cloud of probabilities

little realising

the distribution

is random

and not random

i don’t know myself

others don’t know me

not knowing

i am obeisant

and others are obeisant

to me

passacaglia   —  handel/ halvorsen

very relaxing to listen to and surprisingly the young woman playing is not professional

clementine widdowson, i’d worry less about "aotearoa" and more about the primary problem facing   abstract artists  like yourself

that is lifting the bar to make it clear whether a painting is AI or not.  i guess this applies to sculpture too

i don’t get a feeling of clear differentiation when i look at your paintings, abstract to work requires more than an imprint of intelligence, its not something "social networking" can compensate for, it probably means denser and more symbolic heft is need, prior to AI, abstract art was "easy meat", too easy imo

with the modern equipment and gear they have, what an ophthalmologist can tell these days is unbelievable, its a different universe to an optometrist

what makes the magic ,  yuga wang talks about "going beyond"

i notice that with myself and the huge advantage of self-publishing on the internet is there is no cost to putting more less conventional material up on the net and you can really get on this road of "mutation" that is change, like i notice with my poetry is i am less afraid to be writing what is not comprehensible to me, but sort of trust in there being something which you can actually feel

there is this road there, a movement forward in ways you do not personally direct into what you don’t know that works and this is different from most adult life which revolves around sylvia plath’s "fixed stars" and i guess is a way to escape her depression

unfortunately she spread herself fatally thin

in "far from the madding crowd" i had always wondered what madding meant, i first thought it was short or a misprint of maddening, then perhaps it was a place in the novel, but it turns out to be from a line in thomas grey’s famous poem, "elegy written in a country churchyard"

“ far from the madding  (ed. frenzied)  crowd’s ignoble strife ”

the warmth of human affection

is not where the moonlight goes

its cold white abstraction

alien to human liking

is where ultimate truth dwells

spinning tangled webs

threads followed through

go nowhere

except to

spinning tangled threads

i was thinking about  thomas hobbes  and his political theory of the necessity of the state providing protection against inter-personal violence and it occurred to me that an unusual characteristic of our species is the ease with which human adults can kill each other, if anyone is so minded, its not difficult to achieve

david hume  is another interesting philosopher though more tangential to the political side

if you look at something

and that’s how it is

that’s how it is

regardless of the world screaming

that’s how its not

you don’t need a degree  (ed. to be in politics), its your own intelligence, understanding of issues and ability to execute competently that matters

you are not listening to me on this, the world is far wider than your perception of how it works

hitler was a vegetarian, the nutrient deficiencies would explain his incompetent wartime decision making somewhat, along with the drugs i guess

its like putin, what is not unbelievable is having an idiot running things at the top, but the way the general population goes along with it and supports it when 75% of those people would run the war way better, but they prefer to die as a consequence of the very poor direction of some-one not in sound mind

john middleton murry created a highly "curated" version of his wife, katherine mansfield after her death, the real person is becoming much more apparent with recent publications

extracts of a letter she wrote to him from paris, may 1915 after having sat on a bench in the square jean xxiii garden at notre dame observing the mothers, nurses  (one chinese, in green trousers), grandfathers, and "little staggering babies with spades and buckets"

“ whose fault is it that we are so isolated  —  that we have no real life  —  that everything apart from writing and reading is ‘felt’ to be a waste of time ”

“ why haven’t i got a real ‘home’, a real life  —  why haven’t i got a chinese nurse with green trousers and two babies who rush at me and clasp my knees  —  i’m not a girl  —  i’m a woman.  i want things.  shall i ever have them ? ”

what i found interesting is the degree of intimacy she had with virginia woolf, peers who recognised each other’s abilities, a rare thing in my observation

her bad luck was in catching gonorrhoea which makes for greater susceptibility to tuberculosis, had this not happened, how she would have developed as writer we can only imagine

janet frame’s mother worked for a while as a maid in the beauchamp household, one wonders at the connection there

i do notice a lot of american medical and scientific research is constrained by fear of offending a potential employer, grant giver, litigant or even just dominant cultural ideas whereas research from other countries gives you a much straighter story


to pluck the future out of the sky

to neuter an objection by foretelling and answering it

this jumbling of sequence

all within

an author’s power

how unlike life

and its errant


new york ought to be thinking of five meter rises in sea level, its not far fetched and rebuilding the city away from where that’s not likely to cause problems, not more intensive building of areas that could be swamped in 50 to 100 years

i think you will find   this map  will be the driving factor in housing development and those areas free of flooding will have to become more intensively developed from a property point of view which may mean high rises

another problem new york has is how unfriendly its getting to small businesses, the city bureaucracy is downright predatory

i think the rezoning legislation is being driven by developers wanting to make infill housing, same thing happened in auckland new zealand

the art world

another bottomless sink

of time

a fool

applauded by fools

takes that as his reference point

tell me again

how you don’t understand this

eating high mercury fish  (ed.  swordfish)

shhh . . . listen for the sound of falling neurons

there’s an arrogance that goes with a low reading and writing age


there’s no room for improvement and what is not comprehensible is not comprehensible

they see the criticism

but cannot adjust



many forms

more shameful

than being a priest

these wannabes


their own schizophrenia

into a morass

of faux meaning

granularity of being

at that level


red and blue

life’s prisms



i agree with yozan mosig and think there is reasonable doubt as to whether the  battle of zama  ever occurred

rather its a dramaturgia created by the romans

how does  that work ?

do it a couple of times and you can figure it out


what russians call an artificial scripted drama created by institutional technologists to further propaganda aims


the necessity of the new


to be


for those of us older an interesting  interview  of the authoress elizabeth jane howard reminiscing about a culture that would seem very alien today, yet was there when i was young

she was the author of the "cazalet chronicles" and married to kingsley amis for 18 years and i feel, a much more interesting person than him

i had seen this  interview  of evelyn waugh before, but never clicked as to her being the interviewer

the telescope of time

the past


to resurrect with its stories

a crowd of the unwilling

to be here now

in a changed time

making for orphans

clamouring to go back

to the security of non-existence

the modern public face of empty apologies and hypocritical virtue signalling, as machevelli says, the vulgar masses steer by appearances

huh,   giorgio de chirico  was obviously influenced by  fra carnevale

that sense of the individual rather remote in human structured space

total originality in art is non-existent, everything comes from something else which now i think about it, is only reasonable to expect given that art is concerned with the universal

alice springs

where woke meets reality

europeans in my view have some sort of genetic protection against alcohol being addictive, the indigenous australians are opposite, its like heroin to them, its so sad to see their culture being destroyed by blinkered european mores of permissive choice that can’t understand this problem, this is not academic, i have travelled extensively in the outback and seen the extremes

there’s also some sort of glamorized view of life before europeans, some roussean benign "state of nature", but like polynesian and early european cultures, there was constant and vicious tribal warfare so if you remove the coercive power of the state, things degenerate to that situation again with very high mortality rates from violence and of course infrastructure destruction

why cultures go crazy like with woke is hard to understand, but it doesn’t just happen, there seems some necessity of sanity always being driven to insanity and then through things going very wrong, somewhat back to sanity only to traverse off into a new range of errors

another big mistake was prohibiting people from climbing on ayres rock, that sort of "spiritual pilgrimage" is everyone’s right, there is not a special class of ownership of those sorts of things and its a denial of the universality of being human, in addition i am sure it has reduced the tourist dollar and consequent employment opportunities coming into the area which is important

young men are designed for and temperamentally inclined to combat, without forcible constraint by the state, society as we know it starts to break down

they have to be channelled into earlier employment than is customary now, how the apprentice system worked in medieval england is an eye opener as to what it takes for this to be effective

that is also a way of looking at the cultural revolution in china, mao lifted the legal constraints on the behaviour of young people provided what they did facilitated his control on power, every society is always sitting on this sort of powder keg

reading and writing ages are separate things

you are improving

in both

foyan   :   sitting at night with great peace on all sides translated by surupamaerl2

vimalakirti should be received the same in the city

like old huineng, no mind on the clouds outside

a clear white moon and gentle breeze, sitting deep in the night

it’s not all that hard to get out of the family


my  reply


develops into wisdom


do you ever get the feeling you are "gaslighting" yourself ?

do you ever get the feeling you are gaslighting yourself ?

one of the most interesting philosophical "problems" is the status of  universals ,  and there seems to be little consensus over the centuries about what it exactly is

i think we look at the future as something that has already occurred in a certain way, we just don’t know what it is, rather similar to the way we view the unknown past, but the future has yet to occur, that is, it may occur in a number of different ways, those ways are not simply unknown, but rather essentially "unknowable" since there is a whole "traversity" of outcomes that are only decided by occurring

sounds a bit quantum, doesn’t it ?

“ When everything has become complete, what Is there to seek ? ”

everything is tautologically "everything" which can only be in a context, outside that context is of necessity "something to seek"

just endless rattling recursions down the long mirror road of infinity

everything is self-taught, "teaching" only facilitates this

no wonder the education system is such a disaster

one would think it wants the young cognitively crippled

perhaps it does

the world that is not you

doesn’t think like you

act like you


ever present


your frame of reference is inhibiting your understanding

you are mixing categories

lacking the ability to reason at a sufficiently rational and philosophic/abstract level you are gaslighting yourself

what can i say ?

the problem the vatican and catholicism in general has is its priesthood has become "a gay club"

i remember reading a comment written about 1900 saying this was a movement with the church that was becoming noticeable

the church was not necessarily always like this, you have a witness in the litany of complaints about priests of any persuasion over the centuries, womanizing, gambling, theft, drunkenness and in the case of nuns, often a sort of prostitution

in addition it was customary for priests and the popes to have common-law wives

the orthodox church has always been notorious for homosexuality

pope benedict was obviously a screaming queen judging by the beyond superb quality of his couture

the root cause of this "concentration" is church doctrines are becoming more absurd by the decade, you need a very good reason for being a priest in the face of that absurdity and joining a homosexual club fits the bill for those of that inclination

what i am saying is not "anti-homosexual", but rather a criticism of the situation the catholic church is putting itself in by not permitting married priests and its failure to develop a more relaxed and inclusive doctrinal approach

its currently in a kamakaze dive because of these failures with the officers fighting each other on the deck as the ship sinks, not to mention the vatican as the official office of "looting"

its interesting to consider that catholicism, like islam has been "reinvented" in the last 150 years in malfunctional ways

seeking never ends

“ What Is one seeking ? ”

its the nature of the incomplete to seek

“ Do you believe there is the complete ? That which does not seek ? ”

you are getting in the area of   "what cannot be explained"

“ Then how can you say seeking never ends ?  If there is such a thing, it means seeking can come to an end, don’t you think ? ”

i think if seeking "ends" there is no longer seeking, but in a "platonic" sense there is always seeking

“ I don’t understand when you say in a "platonic" sense.  What exactly do you mean ? ”

like maths, seeking is an abstraction, it always exists, regardless of whether a particular embodiment exists

the total giveaway was his reference to "a well known conman", that’s so out of the ordinary it defines him 

the pointlessness of the  attempted con  may be normal for a certain style of operator, he had a rough idea of some gain, but was really waiting for jack to make a big mistake that he could pounce on but jack didn’t make one

your problem is you don’t read what you quote

the words of others are no use to you

another world

out there


one day

i will walk there






con artists






con artists



words together

mash and mush

you can’t tell them

as they wade through their slush

words together

mash and mush

you can’t tell them

as they wade through the slush

just so much rubbish

chasing illusions

he is pierced by the fixed

and the harpies feast

they have no taste

if you read what i write more closely you will see i address these questions you are now asking

accutane, while it can work risks permanent side effects like dry lips and eyes, not a good idea

limited topical application of 40% hydrogen peroxide i find effective for acne

the amazing thing for me is discovering that 99.9999% of people in the "spiritual" circuit, are not only clueless as to what it is about, but contrary and go through life not even being able to handle dissenting opinions

rena bernstein  recounts  her life and holocaust experience as a young girl hidden by polish christians

i’ve seen a few of these holocaust interviews, rena is a bit different, there’s an existential anguish there the others don’t have

why extended periods of sitting are harmful is from an evolutionary point of view we are designed to be constantly moving which is why the lymph system has no pump analogous to the heart, its movement that pumps the lymph

monks and nuns

looking for enlightenment


god, buddha

crash against

the communal wall

of stupidity



the gate swings open

all is revealed

and never entirely closes again

what is seen

cannot be unseen

lacking this

the idiots try to explain

what cannot be explained

“ What gate ?  What is seen ? ”

when it happens to you, you’ll know

i never believed it was anything except the usual nonsense until it happened

its like you go on a long journey and come back, but it all happens in what seems like an instant

this is the authentic experience, but in my observation it very rarely happens and most of the claimants are just synthesizing their idea of what it should be

its a big mistake to chase it, my advice is just forget about or disbelieve the possibility

“ You are saying I have to see for myself.  Fine.  That means you, and anyone else are out.  You cannot show it to me, and nothing can.  I have to see for myself.  Believing such a thing has happened to you does not mean anything.  I don’t even Know what happened to you.  Did anything happen even ?  If there Is such a thing, it will happen or won’t, and I will find out for myself.  Fair ? ”

its like anything else, if you work at it then you will come to a point when you need the experience to move on and that’s when it will happen

the problem is people never work at it in any real way which actually may be advised for most because the real process involves strong elements of personal and life destruction, not a good idea if you have a family

there’s been some rujing translations posted in recent months and if you look at what he says you can pick that background of personal destruction


i use what i write here to develop my thinking, clarify things

i have got really cynical about people ever having a real interest in what i write about, so it has to be for me basically, if others get something out of it, its a bonus, but not expected

the gate swings open

all is revealed

and never entirely closes again

what is seen

cannot be unseen

lacking this

the idiots try to explain

what cannot be explained

edit.  i got a downvote so made this comment   :   downvoter in denial about gate being closed to him and that he is holding it closed

below is a dialogue with some-one who replied

“ Are you one of the idiots ? If not, what are you trying to explain ? ”

i’m explaining what can be explained !

“ Is there that which cannot be explained ? ”

that’s what the poem says !

the zen of the patriarchs is about the experiential seeing of "what cannot be explained"

of course, everyone treats zen as some sort of theological battle to be fought over, it always surprises me the way what the records criticise is resurrected in modern life, they prattle on oblivious to the real message directly facing them

“ That is what it says, but is there such a thing ?  You are talking about the patriarchs, tell me, what is this that cannot be explained ? Will you say it cannot be explained ?  But what is that that cannot be explained ?  II accept it is there, what does that mean for me ? ”

its a lifetime’s work, i can’t take you there

my observation is people don’t look broadly enough across literature, poetry, philosophy and religion but stick to the rails of some particular approach like buddhism or Krishnamurti

there’s no easy answer to what takes decades to get some sort of grip on, especially since the real answers fly in the face of conventional wisdom

“ What you are saying is that it is explainable, it would just take a very long time, is that so ? Which means that is not what is not explainable ”

there are explanations, but the nature of an explanation is a certain transience so you have to come at it from a number of different angles, like any real world skill actually

people look for some fixed theology they can then proxy their understanding over to, but it doesn’t work that way


it doesn’t take decades to get to  (ed.  this experiential seeing of "what cannot be explained") ,  i think you have to have had it as a child, otherwise you are wasting your time

its a process, if you do the process, an understanding will evolve, but people never do the process but just build fixed points of understanding that they then cling to and fight to defend

so what is the process ?  well in my case i was never conscious of a process, but i was always trying to make more sense of life and how it works and what is beyond it, mainly because nothing ever seemed to add up for me


its underlying violence

that japan seethes with


one footstep after another


this is the way it is

don’t seek the extraordinary

it seeks you

the steady stepping of working things out

self created

moving forward

the bible

inviolate truth

its your truth

that is violated

love does not last

its intensity wanes

until it refreshes


on the meaning of words

hangs a thought




“ Just curious, why do you type your comments like this ? ”

its more like poetry with a superdense meaning that relies on associations between words right across the whole "poem" so you need to space it differently from the linear sequence of prose

also on the net "space is free", with paper publishing you are always having to fill the page so you don’t waste paper which costs

larry eigner is a poet who uses space in a way very different from the conventional



wow that’s a good word

look it up

today’s culture

creating pasts

that never existed

no words of their own

the commentators

play head games

with themselves


 pathetic !

no words of their own

the critics

play head games

with themselves


 pathetic !

translation is a realm of potential

only some of which


translation is a well of potential

what is drawn

needs to work

the hazards of waiting 1/2 an hour to talk to telstra faults

some damn


Foyan : two verses, reading the record of the transmission of the lamp, translated by surupamaerl2


long heard, the empty names transmitted by empty explanations

to future generations have true words revealed real traces

to clearly know the whereabouts of empty and real

see the fragrant dust in the pure breeze of a thousand ages


a torch at the door of every house

midnight  —  simpletons say things like this  —

the azure sky like water, the moon like a hook

now as ever, words and names idly wander


my replies

the way

a dusty road to failure

what is barely discernible in hindsight

cannot be seen in foresight


the illusion of something

is hard to dispel

especially because it is so

what is not so

is beyond

hard to grasp

landscape tells the truth

things are seen as they are

and what is distant

comes closer

words shackled together to make meaning

unshackle them

meaning  —  less


my brain has packed up and gone on holiday

because it is surely not doing anything useful

there are some eye tests on the net that are very useful in evaluating any potential visual problems

astigmatism tests with which you can evaluate the effectiveness of the prescription when you get the glasses or contacts or the degree of problem without glasses

the  duochrome test is also useful to pick any difference in magnification/sphere between the eyes

if the eye sees the red side more clearly, that’s a touch short-sighted in that eye, if the green side is clearer, then that’s long-sighted

the amsler grid is another easy one to do as coarse approximation to a visual field test

also snellen and logmar charts

all free

“ on the internet, they call russians  cannon fodder , what do you think of that ? ”

cannon fodder of course refers to WW2 where the soviet losses made huge dents in entire generations, no wonder its a sensitive topic !

i have seen it said that repressive regimes cause a sort of schizophrenic solipsism in the population, as long as i survive, everything is ok

permutations of meaning

confuse meaning

meaning is confused

that is its nature

god exists, but so does "not god", can this be reconciled ?

please tell me what "absolute nothingness" is !

“ The absence of everything ”

where did "everything" go ?

ed.  some further replies to me below, i don’t think they got the point i was making

“ Is all still here the last time I checked ”

“ "Absolute nothingness" is that which is forever making room for the "somethingness" of everything that exists ”

a black pearl



into many pearls

do they return

to black ?

a funny  (in both senses of the word)  poem, "the seahorse" by james tate, it was only on the second reading "i got it"

my pet seahorse was acting sick this morning

he must have eaten something that didn’t agree with him

i thought of taking him to the doctor, but couldn’t find one who would see him

i looked up seahorses in a medical textbook and it suggested mouth-to-mouth respiration

so i reached in his aquarium and pulled him out

i placed my mouth on his and put my thumb and forefinger on his abdomen and started breathing on his mouth

i squeezed my thumb and forefinger back and forth as i breathed

after a while i started to fill with gas

i looked down and my body had grown enormous

i started to rise away from the seahorse towards the ceiling

i bounced around until i finally went out the window

i rose in the sky and floated around until i went to the sea

i started to lose altitude and crashed in the waves below

i started swimming towards shore

a boat came along and picked me up

the captain asked me what i was doing there so far from shore

i hated to tell him the truth, but i did

“a seahorse breathed in my mouth,” i said

“you’re lucky to be alive. that’s a terrible thing, there’s nothing worse” he said.

“but he was sick. i was trying to save him,” i said

“he was faking it. he was just trying to lure you in,” he said

“really? i feel so stupid,” i said

“well, at least you’re alive. a lot of great men died like that. jesus, napoleon,” he said

“jesus ?  jesus died breathing the breath of a seahorse ?” i said

“sure. they had to cover that up, of course. that wouldn’t do for the saviour of mankind” he said

“i don’t feel so bad now. thanks for telling me” i said

“oh, you’re in good company, all right” he said

jacinda ardern was more than a protégé of helen clark, she was also an ideological clone and that was what doomed her, she really was quite driven to the schedule of a rigid and dated world view that no longer fits new zealand society whereas john keys never really believed anything, a true disciple of machiavelli whose work ardern would have done well to read

she showed good sense in resigning, there were other issues as well, like being too much a queen bee

single handedly she has driven new zealand politics more left than it was comfortable with, from a pragmatic rather than ideological point of view she was an exceptionally able politician, dangerously so

now i think about it, she was a utopian, which may have something to do with her mormon background

the world is sad





the reflected light

is not a reflection

a niccolò machiavelli quote, from "the prince"

“ Minds are of three kinds   :   one is capable of thinking for itself; another is able to understand the thinking of others; and a third can neither think for itself nor understand the thinking of others

The first is of the highest excellence, the second is excellent, and the third is worthless ”

from reading him, he doesn’t advocate complete immorality, but a tempered prudence which in the political context means an unsettling and disinterested rationality, as the logic leads, so one must act, as inhuman as that may be

i was reading some supposed quotes of the muslim hero and general khalid ibn al-walid and it struck me they were really the words of a "literati", in fact he is not historical, but a made up figure in the muslim tableaux of the story of the "prophet"

fighting men are not homers in disguise and their language reflects it

“ the earth destroys its fools

but the intelligent destroy the earth ”

such a literary perspective !

islam is as much a fictionalized construction as any other religion and relies on its supposed historicity to validate "belief"

take away the hsitoricity and you have the vacant air of a soap opera

men have been executed for saying what i just wrote, but believe me, it will pass completely unnoticed

“ I think you have a problem with being too uptight ”

maybe i do get uptight ?

but from your point of view, what does that matter, what are your issues ?

you are totally unable to sustain any sort sort of objective reasoning process, skill deficient so to speak and it would be productive to pick up skills ie raising your reading age

you can’t beat me down to your level !

“ don’t get caught in the roots of bitterness, sweetness, left by those who travel the common roads and footpaths

if you don’t travel these

you will live in infinity ”

the above quote is my reworking of some foyan

you can get stuck in observation, getting something out of the real world is a different matter, its a cantankerous bastard, prone to knifing those who get close, successfully robbing it is a question of luck and skill

her being a drug addict makes sense, highly manipulative and skilled at it, drug addiction does give some skills, alcohol much less so or not at all, an interesting contrast of substance abuse



boxes to simplify our life

trying to separate

this entangled pair

proves difficult though

the old

we look back on the ruts we have worn

they define us

there is no escape

the moil of the world

media, politics, events

attention to which

while not insane

feels like it

a churning mess of something or other

you can’t even walk away

you have to walk through



you don’t think superman is real, you don’t think batman is real, why would you think buddha is real ?

this AI generated art is "bad art", actually like a lot of what you see by the untalented, just not intelligent enough to give the needed coherence

even abstract art has something to it, AI doesn’t

henri matisse  is a good contrast, not so complex it couldn’t be AI but "ordered" in a way AI can’t be

it always amazes me how much money is put into medical fixes for health problems and how almost no attention is paid to healthy eating, exercise and sleeping patterns which have a direct bearing on steering away from getting medical problems

of course you have to work things out yourself to a large extent, a lot of the advice available is "medicalized" and off target in terms of avoiding the need for medicine or surgery

on the plus side there’s a lot of high quality research available on the net, i find you need that, people can’t think straight when it comes to their own or other’s health

why is there so much bad advice everywhere, the media, politics, professionals, consultants, friends, relatives etc

its a lack of skin in the game  explained  by nassin taleb

“ a saline  (salt water)  nasal spray was just as effective as an anti-inflammatory steroid nasal spray at easing  sleep disordered  breathing in children after six weeks of treatment ”

its not well understood that long term steroid use causes cataracts

“ People who consume locally caught freshwater fish, especially those who catch and eat fish regularly, are at risk of   alarming levels  of PFAS in their bodies ”

i would assume that this applies mainly to the USA

choline keeps  alzheimers at bay , its in eggs, meat  (particularly organ meats)  and fish basically

i have noticed over the years that vegetarians seem cognitively rigid and i think not getting enough choline in the diet may be a factor

the number of young women who won’t touch liver bodes ill for not just themselves imo

the hopelessness of teaching

what doesn’t fit

the wrong shaped containers

just bind

and bind

“ he  (ed.  macheliavelli)  despised jesus christ himself.  he’s not so foolhardy as to say that explicitly, remarkably he never refers to christ by name, but i don’t know how else to read his praise of moses as an armed prophet who compelled obedience and who is therefore vastly superior to the unarmed prophets who must use  persuasion ,  they always come to grief having achieved nothing ”

the above is an  excerpt  from an interesting talk by alec ryrie on medieval unbelief

"moyun"  playing  a cover of "thunderstruck" by AC/DC on the guzheng

a real sense of virtuosity

"zen masters" are a literary construct, like superheroes or saints or prophets

all unreal

you can’t follow them into unreality

replying to

a crossword puzzle

with another crossword puzzle

replying to

a crossword puzzle

with a crossword puzzle

longyearbyen  svalbard

the windswept north

not entirely empty

polar bears, a few people, dogs, ships


the mountains

are empty

i feel quantum is a basic paradigm of reality

which is limited knowledge

exclusion of some knowledge by other knowledge

and the corollary


and that

is the theory of  everything


wandering around liang and wei

settling for a while

becoming a big wheel

executed along with the rest at heyin

free meals have a price



settling for a while

becoming a big wheel

executed along with the rest

at heyin

free meals

have a price

the nature of a lure is it gets some things right and from that you infer all things are right

the russians seem utterly unable to grasp its a civil war and civil wars destroy their own

it being a civil war does not mean the ukraine "belongs" to russia, rather its a war within a family

of course the entire history of soviet russia is that of suppressed civil war

before claims to know after

to which


laughs and cries

there’s idiots and people who it doesn’t bother to be idiots


its not a question of remedy but protecting yourself in a world where mutual benefit cannot be perceived let alone acted on

“ what is there ? ”

just what you see

“ yes, but what’s behind what i see ? ”

more of what you see

“ i give up ”

that’s what you see too

5 years ago in the donesk

"in the dark night"  sung  by the monks of the  svetogorskaya lavra

so it really exists

fernando pessoa’s  trunk


ugly figures with tridents and objects to torture you

that’s not how it works


quiet leeches who suck all your energy

and as you live

only batten down more

writing backwards


in time

the messiness



does it go anywhere ?


somewhere out there

exists a simpler world that can be seen with clarity

ever under assault

from mendacious humanity

i went so far

expecting to arrive


but what i found

is the endless "going"

is all the somewhere

there is



for yet more nonsense

going up to the monastery hall, on the night of lantern festival, tiantong rujing said

the point of the lantern  —  the moon, round and round

the roaming people, singing and drumming, watching the bedlam

but what about when one says the phrase "to have eyes" ?

so close to the tower of the phoenix, opening the pheasant’s tail fan

immortals guarding the jade emperor, on the tips of purple clouds


my  reply


mixed with red

even the clouds so

sunset and sunrise

it cannot be other

the point of the lantern

i cannot be bothered with



some sort of stirring

in the dark

progressing to light

the notion of possibility

made particular

the seraphim were bored

god had ennui

satan had an idea

let’s write a book

and call it

"paradise lost"

and so the trouble began

an unusual  painting  ( "the harvest is the end of the world" 1984 by roger wagner )

this attempt to make sense of life by some superior plane of existence evaluating our lives as a whole and "as a whole" i think is the key of the flaw, the overwhelming evidence for "continuity" but that is the primary illusion, however, there is something to it, this problem of being "begetted" and non-begetted

i like his  writing in the dust  too

his  archive

he has a blake-ian literalism

questioning opens doors

but you have to work at them

or they will shut in your face again


created her worlds

created by lewis

such a thing could not only be

but was

the trouble with zen is it attracts some real "outliers", "heavy tailers" in statistics terms, there’s no way i would go into any shared space with anyone interested in zen i didn’t know from a disease and other points of view, see you  (ed. brad warner)  are ahead of the play pretty much abandoning real life zen and going onto the net

its all changed from 20 years ago and even then two things made a big impression on me, the awful health in the kwan-um school and some woman pulling a gun on toni packer

you do need at least one vaccine to get decent long term memory of covid resistance, ideally two separated by at least  6 months

an interesting useful bit of info that the media don’t talk about is you are way less susceptible to covid if you have blood type "O"

i had the pfizer vaccine, the moderna is more risky but marginally more effective as it covers more antibody bases, but in doing this significantly raises the risk, so i plumbed for the pfizer as safer

dogen getting TB in a chinese monastery is a real possibility and makes one think about the hazards of communal and monastic life

strong emergence

the root of the universe

simply because

it can

the rejected

the damaged

one amongst these

climbs the ladder of pain

to heaven

its not just putin that’s the problem, its half the russian population

“ as long as i don’t have to go to the front line i don’t feel any need to do anything except talk  vacuous nonsense ”

they hate poetry

because poetry makes them think

just reading



even those sacred cows

grammar and syntax

have no stability

where is one then ?

what is the world coming to ?

sums add to zero

pity those who live in heavy tails

what life pulls apart

does not come together

edit:  heavy tails  is a statistical term worth researching

intermittent fasting  is a coming thing, 16/8 for example is only eating over eight hours and fasting the rest of the day

words are like sums

either they add

or they don’t

the thieves stumble

dissing the valuable

and taking the worthless

its not just once

you can’t force it

it happens when it happens

a voyage somewhere

that you bring back some trinkets from

doomed to be about

never entering

even if its pointed out

they deflect

chat GPT

more intelligent than the average liberal arts undergraduate

no wonder they need woke

to differentiate them

i think prince harry was traumatised much more than he realizes by killing all those men in afghanhistan, especially since the western military intervention there has been shown to be so wrong minded

it amazes me how many wars were obviously problematic at the outset if you looked at a map

things unfound

do not fit

the mould

of forming

chatGPT’s analysis  (below)  seems to fit my "unfound" poem pretty well, however, imo the only real criticism or comment on a poem that can be made must be done by a poem in reply

this poem seems to be expressing the idea that things that are not yet discovered or found do not fit into the expectations or preconceptions that people may have

the word "mould" suggests a fixed or predetermined shape, and the phrase "forming" suggests the process of creating or shaping something

the poem suggests that things that are not yet known or understood do not conform to these expectations or preconceptions

it’s possible that the poem is exploring the idea that there are always new things to be discovered and that these things do not always fit into our existing understanding of the world

the poem may be encouraging readers to be open to the possibility of new things and to be willing to consider things that do not fit into their existing understanding

overall, the poem is quite concise and to the point, and its meaning may be open to interpretation.  it could be interpreted as a call to be open-minded and willing to consider new ideas and perspectives, or it could be seen as a reflection on the way that the unknown challenges our preconceptions and understanding of the world

what you have been told

what you haven’t been told

the gap leaves you puzzling

if i can, i will look at videos compared to podcasts, you see the person more, usually they are dead slabs of meat, very offputting but at least one is not fooled

the nature of words

is their fluidity

dictionaries contain them

yet they escape

to wander free

over the horizon

carrying with them

the burden of meaning


being cannot be penetrated beyond

or can it ?


it cannot be penetrated beyond

or can it ?

there is a corner of art, that anything can be art if looked at with an artistic eye

art without agency

i wouldn’t say in general that it was a productive corner

answers to the world’s problems

are answers

answers chasing problems and problems chasing answers

escherian oroboroi of recursive futility

simply content

to exist

this is one of the most  unbelievable  things i have seen, 2013 and volodymyr zelenskyy is performing in a russian new year’s eve show with vladimir solovyov applauding  (both ashkenazi jews btw)

solovyov is now a particularly virulent mouthpiece for kremlin propaganda on his prime time chat show

no wonder the russians underestimated zelensky

happier days for everyone, but the ruling clique in russia was getting caught up in a grandiose delusion and couldn’t let things be


e x p l a i n i n g

explaining   e x p l a i n i n g

and so it goes on

william blake

scripts michelangelo


but at some point

his own style

takes over

and is

authentically his

i always thought wearing a face mask, while reducing transmission, didn’t affect your getting viruses, however   this study  shows wearing a mask has an odds ratio of 1.5, so it would likely be effective to a similar degree for diseases like the flu and cold



but splitting light

is not whole

there is not a man, woman or child

who is not a fool


that is why

life needs caution

its distressing how violent insanity often turns wanting to harm those closest to them

new york is pretty extreme isn’t it ?

i was looking at videos of some of these multi-million dollar skyscraper apartments around central park, middle class on steroids and there’s all this other crazy shit like drugs, weird politics and organised crime going on